Who Are We?

Indonesian Students Association in the Netherlands (PPI Belanda) is the oldest Indonesian Student Association organizations in the world. PPIB is established in 1922. Currently, PPIB has 16 Indonesian student organization in each city which comprised of thousand students in total. Various activities were held by PPIB as platform to facilitate student creativity, knowledge, and talent, such as coaching clinic, webinar, and many more.


Whether we are the pioneer or threat, one thing for sure is that youths are the future of society. Based on UN Habitat, the youth consist of people aged 15-32 years old.

As the world’s fourth largest populous nation, Indonesia is predicted to reach the height of its so-called demographic dividend between 2020 and 2030 (Social Science Commission of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences) and World Bank (2016) has classified Indonesia as early-demographic dividend countries. This shows that youth serve a bigger purpose as Indonesia’s youth will become a majority of its demographics. As Indonesian youths, we will become the ones that control whether or not Indonesia will succeed in various sectors in the future. Various policies, educational activities, and campaigns have been implemented to educate youths for the future globally. This was an important part of communities as it becomes a step in fostering them as citizens.

Now, the challenge is to maximize the potential from various challenges – including the pandemic. With this taken into account, it is important to take into account the changes resulted in society. The investment towards the youth becomes even more crucial and is filled with various challenges. This concerns how the “new normal” would influence the future sustainability of various sectors: economically, socially, environmentally, and politically. With this, it is important to empower youths to prepare, adapt, and provide insight into these changes.

Indonesian youths behind the Indonesian Youthquake 2020 are people who have the opportunity to study abroad in the Netherlands. We know that we have a blessed road to education that should be given back to society, especially back home to Indonesia. As part of the youth that will shape Indonesia’s future, especially after the pandemic, we bear a very large responsibility to contribute to our society, in every way we could. We believe that by spirit of Indonesian youth we can look for positive outlook, that is the flame ready to burn, and we are now here to start lighting the torch with upbringing the theme:


“Breaking Through the Next Normal: The Role of Youth as Game Changers”