1. Do I have to pay to attend the webinar?

No, the webinars will be free of charge

  1. Will I get a certificate for participating?
  2. Will I be able to interact with the speakers of the webinars?

You may submit questions before the start of- or during the webinars.  

  1. Can I join more than one webinars?

Yes, it is certainly possible as the webinars are scheduled such that they would not clash with each other.

  1. Who are the speakers of the webinars?

Please check the webinar page in our website or our social media platforms for more information regarding the speakers and the moderators.

  1. What language will the webinar be?

The webinars will be hosted in either English or Indonesian depending on the subtopic and speakers. Please check the webinar page for more information on the specific language used.

  1. I am not an Indonesian student. Can I still participate?

Yes, the webinars are open to anyone interested.